Cogeneration - Turn Saltwater into Fresh - Economically & Environmentally friendly

This is a story about My Place - where I live.

But it could easily be a story about Your Place too - and if you live anywhere that is has drought and wildfires risks, then we may be able to help each other.

Together with about 2.8 million other residents, I live in South-east Queensland - Australia.

We call this "Our Place" and we are facing many challenges and in the balance lies;

** Biodiversity or rampant urbanisation,

** Sound management of land & waterways,

** A comprehensive plan for future development,

** Adapting to new realities for a sustainable future.

Some elements driving these challenges include;

1. Weather patterns that produce longer dry spells.

2. Population growth.

3. Increasing risks of urban sprawl.

4. Increasing stress on community infrastructure & systems, including health services, transport, electrical supply, and water.

5. Reduction of native habitat for our unique flora and fauna.

6. Degradation of our environment.

7. Fluctuating visitor and tourist numbers.

8. Ongoing Global Financial Crisis.